The steps taken for the Project Approach is critical in maximizing the success of your project. The purpose of the Project Approach is to define the project environment, the solution or outcome that the project is to address, and the methods of delivering that solution. In other words, what does your project need to achieve? As many critical steps and decisions need to happen prior to actual design, the Project Approach needs to consider:

  • Key factors, goals, and parameters of the project.
  • Operational, as well as facilities, staff in key discussions and decisions.
  • Budgetary and feasibility analysis.
  • New or additional staff training.
  • Decisions on additional consultants/expertise needed for the project.
  • Exploring “out of the box” or innovative methods and opportunities that may accomplish maximum benefits.
  • A mutual understanding of the how the built environment affects the health and wellbeing of the population within. This includes staff, as well as residents, family members or patients.

Melite Design is dedicated to identifying our client’s needs, and working closely with you to accomplish the goal of enhancing the lives of seniors by creating environments that empower, dignify, and emphasize the uniqueness of each individual.

“Ann was great to work with because she took the time to learn about our vision and goals. She has formal education in aging and dementia care, which enhances her understanding of our clients and she can innovate to meet their needs. I know I won’t get something canned and oversold from Ann.”

Pamela K. Atwood, MA, CDP, CLL, Director, Dementia Care Services, Hebrew Health Care, Inc.