Melite Design was established with a goal of providing essential ingredients in the design of environments for seniors – an advanced level of knowledge and education, united with expertise, insight, and passion for improving quality of life.

Successful design is not only about how attractive the environment is, but on how positively it impacts the human experience. This becomes especially important when addressing and responding to the needs of an aging population relying on that environment for safety and security. Understanding the biological, as well as psycho-social needs of an aging population is critical to creating safe, as well as attractive, communities.

Combining a philosophy of “Knowledge is Power” with on-going research, we continue to strive to provide designs that contribute to the empowerment, dignity, and uniqueness of each individual residing within.
“Ann Melite is very attentive to the needs of older adults. Her designs reflect a superb understanding of living space for seniors. Home and community areas designed by Ann reflect her distinctive, intuitive comprehension of senior living. When working with her, one quickly appreciates her vast knowledge of gerontology, design, development and especially, customer service!”

Anne M. Burns, CPA – CFO, New Samaritan Corporation, Mansfield Center for Nursing & Rehabiliation Elderly Housing Management, Inc.